Public Cloud, Infrastructure Virtualisation, Automation, Tooling…


Me in a nutshell –
Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Family Man, Sports Fan, Technology Geek, Hardworking, Focused, Determined, Approachable, Sociable.

I love technology, i really do!
I love what it can do for me, i love what it can do for you and i love how we can use it together to help each other make the most of it!

What’s my technology background?

I have worked in IT for over 14 years and during this time i have been very fortunate to gain a wealth of experience across many areas of IT. I have a strong background in Microsoft technologies and a long history of Microsoft certifications to add to my timeline in IT. I am currently a lead consultant in the Systems & Tools space focused on the delivery of private cloud infrastructure provisioning, automation, monitoring and helping to drive and implement the strategic direction that will deliver awesome capabilities and services for our customers.


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