At the start of the keynote we here that the whole keynote is not only streaming live across the globe but is also being translated into 12 other languages using Microsoft Artificial intelligence, and right now, I am already wishing I could type my notes that fast!!

I take a look at my Ignite twitter feed, 24,000+ attendees are expected to pass through the doors over the course of the 5 day event, watching the feeds come streaming in, it looks as though all 24,000 attendees are franticly tweeting all at the same time. It’s like watching the matrix screen, I think I just spotted Neo,… and the girl in the RED DRESS!  I wonder how many people are watching the live stream remotely? The mind boggles!

First up…

Satya talks about the goals of technology, its need to provide new levels of inclusiveness, empowerment and how it should be focused on improving and not degrading our lives.

AI becomes a common theme here, how AI will be used to infuse and seamlessly integrate between connected devices. Starting a process with voice, ending it with ink…



Microsoft want to focus on building on 4 key areas that will act as ingredients to help us drive digital transformation and the how we work in the modern workplace.


Office 365 is a key ingredient – its core purpose is to unlock a new culture of work.

Next Up – Microsoft Teams, Hololens and Mixed Reality

7_Raanah Amjadi

Demo – showcasing how 365 and mixed reality can be used to innovate and collaborate more efficiently.

Microsoft Teams

Kicking off with a project discussion in Microsoft Teams we swiftly move to the shared reality experience (Microsoft Halolens)

A supposed meeting with two attendees in a less than entertaining meeting room is transformed into a digital design workshop.



They make visual design adjustments, take digital voice notes and capture the point in time visual experience and design information that they were discussing when the note was recorded.



I thought we were on the subject of Teams?
We did, its all kind of interwoven, all this meeting content can be stored in teams ready for easy retrieval, playback and sharing. Where else would you store that digital note… 🙂



What next??

In the future, the goal will be to enable remote parties from anywhere in the world to join the VR meeting with a fully immersive experience that is representative of being in the same room, looking at the same objects and interacting with other members of the meeting.

The new VR headset that enables this will be released in OCTOBER 2017…




Office 365

Back to Satya, talking about Microsoft 365 and its ability to create a strategic data map that captures relationships and other artefacts that link employees and systems together.


As you use Microsoft 365, the Microsoft graph builds up a map of each individuals profile that can be used extensibly and with this MS are bringing together the first phase of integration between 365, Microsoft Graph and LinkedIn.

Satya shares a current live implementation of this in the form of the ability to see all your LinkedIn community contacts who are attending Ignite from within the ‘MyNetwork’ tab in the LinkedIn App.



Moving onto AI


Li-Chen talks about direct links between Office 365 and LinkedIn, enabling you to better collaborate, recall past conversations, shared files and becoming BFF’s haha.


She moves swiftly onto the subject of search…

BING for Business

Through the connections between Office 365, SharePoint, Azure AD and delve you can use Bing for Business to search for employees, employee information and related content.


Bing for business helps with finding business related URLs and other related information. For example, search for and find expense reports for your team, approve reject from a single location from a simple search.


Using ‘Machine Reading Comprehension’ and ‘Deep Learning’ models Bing for Business can search through thousands of documents of IT and HR content. This is not just a key word search/match. The AI understands the context and meaning of the query and can zone in on the exact paragraph in the document/article you need.


Use the Bing for Business admin portal to gain insights into anonymised employee usage data.



Finally Li-Chen moves to a quick demo to showcase how you could use Cortana to book leave and automatically place out of office messages. She was rather excited about this… Is booking leave and setting your OOF really that painful? (no comment).   🙂

Bing for business is available in private preview today…

Satya returns to the stage to talk about some real world cases that are actively using Azure and AI today. Examples include Farming, Health and Cancer treatment, production, weather.

Final topic – Quantum Computing


Chatting about Qubits

Satya welcomed some specialists in Maths, Physics and Computer Science to talk about electron fractionalisation, quantum chips, topical Qubits, quantum scalable computers and things that both exist and don’t exit all at the same time. Put your Qubits here, put your Qubits there, here there, here there, Qubits everywhere… sorry, this got pretty deep for me but super interesting!


The real news here was the creation of a new domain specific language that can be used to write quantum applications in Visual Studio and the ability to test these using simulations on your local device with up to 30 Qubits or in Azure with up to 40 Qubits.

We get to see a what a quantum computer apparently looks like which looks more like something out of Doctor who, where is the on off/switch, uh oh, it s both on and off at the same time… 🙂

Satya tells us that Quantum computing would really enable us to unlock amazing parallelism and work with coding that’s not just 1’s or 0’s but both 1 AND 0 simultaneously…


If only I could calculate the optimal route through traffic like that…

Better to read about it here

Welcome to the quantum age…