I guess we all know transformational change is hard, but for the most part, I think we tend to observe and accept this purely from the perspective of how it changes our job today and what the immediate negative impacts will be.

However, having recently spent some time catching up on the PowerShell roadmap I came to realise that transformational change is, or at least can be, 10 times harder for those trying to drive it through.

Most IT folk probably know about PowerShell and its popularity but I guess not that many will be aware of how hard some people had to work to get it to where it is now!

Is PowerShell Complete?

The original manifesto for PowerShell was set out by Jeffery Snover 15 years ago and although it has been a bumpy ride, for the best part, it is now complete! You can check it out here… http://www.jsnover.com/Docs/MonadManifesto.pdf

YES, that’s how long it has taken (17 actually)! This just shows how long it can take.

What was interesting to find out while watching a Jeffery Snover presentation from back in 2015 was just how HARD that transformational change really was!

The challenges he faced while trying to drive his vision were a constant battle and actually resulted in a DEMOTION but where is he now? A Microsoft Technical Fellow! 🙂

Ok, so what next for PowerShell?


I won’t go into detail, watch the recent recording from August 2017 and see what they are planning now. It’s going to be another bumpy ride 🙂

2017 Keynote “State of the Union”


In other PowerShell news

PSswagger now opensourced…

Auto generate cmdlets from RESTAPIs… https://github.com/PowerShell/PSSwagger