I just noticed that a few hours ago VMware released a blog covering some of the new features and capabilities coming in version 6.6.

I have to say that at first glance, i am impressed 🙂

One thing i really like is the new capabilities in ‘Inteligent Workload Placement’

  • Across clusters
  • Across data stores (w/ storage vMotion)
  • Easily automatable
  • Schedulable at a convenient maintenance window

The standout feature there for me is ‘Across data stores (w/ storage vMotion)’ how cool is that. 🙂

I was only talking to someone about the limitations of this feature in 6.5 today and it looks like it just got a whole lot better! Big thumbs up!!! 😛

I am sure that the new HTML5 UI will be great too!

And having only just recently got the vROPs <–> Log Insight integration working along with the vROPs content pack for vRLI i am very interested to see what these new capabilities will give us on that front.

I am guessing there will be some dependencies on using vSphere 6.5 such as with the Service Discover Management Pack (cant wait to get that up and running) but all this sounds/looks very positive indeed!

You can read more about it here and sign up for further updates…

Sneak Preview: What’s New in VMware vRealize Operations 6.6